Popular Accounting Software in Nepal

Accounting software has been very popular these days. Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, accounting software will help you easily manage business finance and accounting. The software comes with several modules such as billing & invoicing, tax management, project management, payroll management, accounting report, etc.   

There are several local software development companies providing accounting software. Tally, Busy, Quickbooks, and Zoho Books are a few international accounting software that is popular in Nepal. The list of accounting software available in Nepal are as follow:   


Type: On-Premise; Editions: SOHO, Basic, Corporate  

Company: Bent Ray Technologies; Headquarter: Lalitpur, Nepal  

AccSwift is an intuitive, easy to use, multi-user, and comprehensive accounting software.  

Features: Accounting, Tax Management, Inventory Management, POS, Reporting, Bar Code, HR Management  

Acct Business Suite  

Type: On Cloud  

Company: HARATI; Headquarter: Kupondole, Lalitpur  

Acct Business Suite is generalized accounting software, from Harati Computer Services, headquartered at Kupondole, Lalitpur. The software helps manage entire business finance.   

Features: Accounting & Finance Management, Benefits & Promotions, Report, Role-Based Access,   

Busy Accounting  

Type: On-Premise; Editions: Basic, Standard, Enterprise  

Company: Busy Infotec; Headquarter: New Delhi, India  

Busy Accounting is a widely used international accounting software, from Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd. The company has sold 300K licenses worldwide and has channel partners in Kathmandu, Chitwan, Butwal, Pokhara, Dang, and Nepalgunj.   

Features: Financial Accounting, Multi-Location Inventory, Scheme Management, Invoicing, Tax Management, Reporting, Payroll, Customer Management, Checks & Controls, Location Management  

DeltaTech Accounting   

Type: On Cloud  

Company: DeltaTech; Headquarter: Biratnagar, Nepal  

DeltaTech is a software development company based out of Biratnagar, Nepal. The company was established in 2016 and is a member of the Golchha Group. The company has 1500+ customers globally.  

Features: Finance Management, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Invoicing, Reporting  


Type: On Cloud  

Company: e-Zone International; Headquarter: Lalitpur  

E-Accounting is cloud-based accounting software, from e-Zone International Pvt. Ltd., headquartered at Lalitpur, Nepal. The company also provides HR, Payroll, School Management, and Attendance Management software.  

Features: Finance Management, Invoicing, Inventory Management, Reporting, Data Analytics  


Type: On Cloud; Editions: Started, Business, Enterprise  

Company: Next Nepal; Headquarter: Kathmandu  

EasyNep is a cloud-based accounting software from the Next Nepal IT company.   

Features: Accounting, CRM, Invoice Management, Inventory Management, Bulk SMS & Email, HRM, Multi-Currency,   

Intuit Quickbooks  

Type: On Cloud; Editions: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus  

Company: Intuit; Headquarter: California, US  

Quickbooks is cloud-based accounting software, from Intuit, a US-based software development company that provides financial, accounting, for small business. The company is headquartered in California.  

Features: Finance Management, Accounting, Inventory Management, Tax Management, Employee Management, Multi-Currency, Connect your Bank  

Manakamana Business Accounting Software (MBA 10)  

Type: On-Premise  

Company; Software System Nepal; Headquarter; Tokha, Kathmandu  

MBA 10 is an Accounting software developed by Software System Nepal Pvt. Ltd., based out of Tokha, Kathmandu. This software is widely used at Retail, Departmental Store, Supermarket, Hotel, etc. It is a user-friendly software that supports printing invoices, and printing barcode labels.  

Features: POS, Inventory Management, Stock Management, Business Accounting, Tax Management, MIS, Bar Code Scanning,  

OMS Accounting  

Type: On Cloud  

Company: Global Tech; Headquarter: Hattisar, Kathmandu  

OMS is cloud-based accounting software, from Global Tech. The company also provides HR, Hospital Management, CRM, and other software.  

Features: Finance Management, Accounting Management Tax Management, Inventory Management, Multi-Currency, Reporting, Order Management, Bulk SMS, Multi-Location  

Rigo Accounts  

Type: On Cloud  

Company: Rigo Technologies; Headquarter: Rudra Marg, Kathmandu  

Rigo Accounts is a cloud-based accounting software from Rigo Technologies. The company also provides Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, Asset Management, Public Recruitment.  

Features: Finance Management, Accounting, Inventory Management, Stock Management, Role-Based Access, Reporting, Contact Management  

Swastik Accounting  

Type: On-Premise  

Company: HiTech Nepal; Headquarter: Kalimati, Kathmandu  

Editions: Swastik Standard, Swastik Gold, Swastik Corporate, Swastik Textiles, Swastik PolySax, Swastik POS, Swastik F&B, Swastik Manufacturing, Swastik Automobile  

Features: Finance Management, Accounting, Inventory Management, Reporting, Document Billing, Tax Management, Batch wise Inventory,   


Type: On-Premise; Edition: Silver, Gold  

Company: Tally Solutions; Headquarter: Bangalore, India  

Tally is a very popular and widely used accounting software, from India, widely used in Nepal. The company has a local distributor in Kathmandu.  

Features: Finance Management, Accounting, Inventory Management, Reporting, Tax Management, Reconciliation, Data Security  

Zoho Books  

Type: On-Premise; Editions: Standard, Professional, Premium, Elite, Ultimate  

Company: Zoho Corporation; Headquarter: Chennai, India  

Zoho Books is a low-cost cloud-based accounting software from Zoho corporation. The company provides complete business suits to MSMEs at an affordable price.   

Features: Invoicing, Billing, Inventory Management, Project Management, Reporting, Timesheet, Reconciliation  

List of an enterprise software company in Nepal

The global enterprise application market size is estimated to be worth USD 259.51 billion by 2022, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. The increase adaption of software across verticals from startup to large enterprise has led to rise in companies offering SaaS products. Nepal has also seen the rise of SaaS companies proving HRMS, CRM, Accounting Software, School Management Software, Chatbot solution, Hotel Management Software, and Event Management software.


The list of companies providing enterprise software in Nepal are as follow:

Cellapp Innovation

Category: ERP, Smart Palika – ERP for a local government

CellApp Innovations is a Tech Innovation company. The company provides website development services to ecommerce, media, travel, educational, and healthcare company. The company has developed Smart Palika, an ERP software to help the local government. Ward services, eMeeting, profile management, notification, event management, emergency services are included in the system.

CS Infotech

Category: School Management Software, College Management Software

CS Infotech is an IT company providing services in the field of Web Development, Software Development, Web Application Development, Web Based Enterprise Solutions, Portal Development and Android Development. The company also provide college/school management software called Pathshala Bebasthapan.

Danfe Books

Category: Payroll Management Software

Danfe books provides payroll management software for small and medium size companies. It enables companies to add employee details, enter attendance data and choose a date to generate payroll monthly. The app generates monthly employees payslip with accurate tax calculation

Delta Tech

Category: Field Sales Management, Inventory Management, CRM Software

Delta Tech, also a web and mobile app development company, provides user-friendly business software to enhance their productivity, performance and ROI. The company provides Sales app, inventory management and sales CRM software.

E-Digital Nepal

Category: School Management Software

E-Digital Nepal is a technology company focused on education sector. The company provides both on-premise and web-based school management software.


Category: Event Management Platform

EventsMo is an event management platform provider. The platform provides event apps, event website, and event management features such as event registration, ticketing, live polls and survey, and analytics.

e-Zone International

Category: School Management, Accounting, Attendance Management, Payroll, Human Resource Management, Exam Management, and Enterprise Resource Management

Founded in 2003, e-Zone International provides wide range of enterprise software. The enterprise products are e-school, e-accounting, e-Attendance, e-Payroll, e-HR, e-Test, School Plus


Category: Mobile Banking, Internet Banking System, Cards Management System, Online Payment Gateway

F1Soft International founded in 2004. The company provides transactional banking products on mobile banking, internet banking, cards management, digital wallet and online payment gateway. The product includes Bank Smart, Fonebank, Bank Ex, Viber Baking, and eSewa. 90% of the financial institutions in Nepal uses at-least one of its products.


Category: Web Scraping Service Platform

Grespsr provides web scraping solutions at an affordable price. The solution comes with simple interface, built-in support and intuitive features such as Scheduling Calendar, APIs and Chrome Extension, or choose from our valuable third-party integrations to bring data into your system. The company serve top companies globally including Ola, Bain& Company, ATkearney, BCG, Pearson, GE Capital.

Harati Computer Services

Category: Digital Payment System, Attendance Management, Tendor System, HR Management, Accounting Software, Billing & POS software,

HARATI, established in 2000 is an IT service and a SaaS provider. The company provides wide range of SaaS products. Its popular products are Paybyonline, Attend, TendorNotice, HRMSuite, Acct Business Suite, Herati PoS, and Harati Product Distributor

Himalayan Techies

Category: Bulk SMS, School Management Software

Founded in 2008, Himalayan Techies provides Bulk SMS and School Management software. Edufinity, School Management Software, provides a comprehensive school management tool that enables educational institutions to manage all their administrative requirements, including automated maintaining of student and teacher records, and generating reports as needed at an affordable price


Category: Restaurant Management Software, School Management Software

inGrails is a software development company. The company offers restaurant management software and school management software also known as Eatery and Veda respectively.

Integrated ICT

Category: Document Archive Management, Spelling Checker, Font Unification system, Online Media Monitoring System, Demat Online System,

Integrated ICT, founded in 2018, is applying the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop novel solutions. The company provides Archiving solution, spelling checker, font unification, online media monitoring and demat online system.

Nimble Infosys

Category: Human Resource, Payroll, Inventory Management, Document Management, School Management, College Management, Appraisal Management, Bank Loan Automation System

Nimble Infosys is an IT service and a Product company. The company offers wide range of software solution, from startup to enterprise. The company provides HRMS, Payroll, Appraisal Management, Inventory Management, and Fixed Assets Management software.

Rigo Technologies

Category: Human Resource & Payroll Management, Accounting, Hotel & Restaurant Management, and College Management Software.

Rigo Technologies is an application development and management consultant firm based out of Kathmandu. The company offers easy to use, secure, web based HRMS and Payroll Management, Accounting, Hotel & Restaurant Management, and College Management Software.

Zeftware solution

Category: School Management Software, College Management Software

Zeftware Solutions is the leading software development house in Biratnagar. The company offer school/college management software.


Category: Chatbot Solution

Rumsan is a digital service and a solution provider. The company offers chatbot solution also known as TalkFlow.


Category: Feedback Management, Survey Management Software

Surveychan is an online survey application software. This tool can be used for feedbacks and survey to manage essential aspects of business such as customer satisfaction and employee engagement to generate analytical result.


Category: Contact Center Solution

Voxcrow is a digital communication system and contact center solution company. The company offers both on-premise and cloud solution.

Why you need a technology partner?

There are thousands of IT products and solutions that solve various business problems. However, these products are different in one way or the others and are developed for different market segments. For example, there are 100+ CRM solutions available in the market but these products are different in terms of features and functionality, target industries, deployment method, pricing, and integration. Some products offer an exhausted list of marketing modules others don’t. Some product can be integrated with the accounting software other can’t and so on. Hence, it becomes very important for a business owner or the IT manager to invest enough time to find the product that would meet their existing requirement and the future needs with minimum investment.

The modernization of the IT infrastructure is becoming complex day by day with a rapidly changing business environment, investment in technology and innovation, cybersecurity thread, and availability of the various product to solve the similar business problem. In addition, one must constantly train their employee to take the full advantage of the IT solution deployed in their company.

We strongly believe that eventually, every company will be a technology company. Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba are an online retail company, but they call themselves technology company. Similarly, hostel and restaurant businesses are going online and are powered by IT infrastructure. Transportation and logistics company are going online, the government is using technology to increase transparency and reduce corruption and so on. On an average, every SME is using 5 to 10 IT products in their company whether it’s a website, mobile app, accounting software, antivirus, operating system, desktop/laptop, etc. Similarly, students and researcher are using several tools for their research, and to develop the skills required for the job.

We are uniquely positioned to serve the clients across industries. We work will leading software vendors in India and abroad. We have more than a decade of expertise in Information Technology, And, finally, we have worked with the leading software consulting firm and the clients.